Allthread Rod and Associated Products

Allthread Rod and associated Products, including connector and rod end caps.

Allthread Rods are commonly referred to as fully threaded rod and are relatively long rod that is threaded along their complete length. These are designed to be used in tension.  A threaded rod is a fastener and functions thanks to the threading, which causes a tightening action from the rotational movement. Threading on a rod allows other fixings like bolts and nuts to easily screw or fasten to it.

Connectors/coupling nuts, are sometimes also known as barrel nuts, are threaded fasteners for joining 2 male allthreaded rods. The thread runs the full length of the connector.  Threaded rod connectors, also called a stud, are metal fasteners – typically made of stainless steel – that contains threading on both ends. Threaded rod end fittings can either have partial threading or complete threading, depending on the specific type. It shouldn’t be forgotten that threaded rods have threading on both ends, making them ideal for applications involving tension.

Rod End Caps are designed to fit tightly over any threaded rod, therefore leaving a safer, neater finish.  End caps are made up of a heavy-duty black plastic material designed to cover and protect the ends of threaded rods/studs. When tightly secured to rods it provides additional safety by covering up potentially sharp burrs.

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