Fasteners and Fixings

A wide range of fasteners and fixings are available to fit all your fire safety installation needs, ensuring a job well done.

The act of fixing refers to the process of securing an object in place. The term refers to the method (often referred to as the fixing method) and not to the individual part.

A fastener is a device that is used to connect components (often referred to as a fixing device). Fasteners are mechanical tools that connect two surfaces or objects rigidly. They may be either non-permanent or permanent. In contrast, non-permanent fasteners are easily removed without causing damage to the joined materials. Permanent fasteners may need substantial force to be removed and may cause damage to adjacent surfaces. The purpose of permanent fasteners is to provide long-term security.

The term ‘fixings’, for example, refers to the entire system inclusive of all straps and connectors. A joist, for example, could be securely nailed into a joist hanger with the use of additional straps for lateral restraint purposes. In this case, nails are the fasteners. If, for example, a rafter is attached to a wall plate using nails, the ‘fastener’ would be the nails and the ‘fixing’ would be the nail centres.