Support Brackets

Support brackets are an architectural element, a structural or decorative member.  They can be made of wood, stone, plaster, metal, or other media.  It projects from a wall, usually to carry weight and sometimes to strengthen an angle.

In mechanical engineering, a bracket is an intermediate component for fixing one part to another, usually a larger, part.

Brackets vary widely in shape, but a prototypical bracket is the L-shaped metal piece that attaches a shelf (the smaller component) to a wall (the larger component): its vertical arm is fixed to one (usually large) element, and its horizontal arm protrudes outwards and holds another (usually small) element.

Effectively, this is the same as an architectural bracket: a vertical arm mounted on the wall, and a horizontal arm projecting outwards for another element to be attached on top of it or below it.

To enable the outstretched arm to support a greater weight, a bracket will often have a third arm running diagonally between the horizontal and vertical arms, or the bracket may be a solid triangle.  By extension, almost any object that performs this function of attaching one part to another (usually larger) component is also called a bracket, even though it may not be obviously L-shaped.

We offer various types and sizes of Support Brackets.

Angle Brackets

Channel Brackets

Floor Brackets

All come with a Hot Dipped Galvanised finish to BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

Beam Clamps – Hot Dipped Galvanised / Bright Zinc Plated

Flat Plates – Hot Dipped Galvanised