CS1/P2663T Single Cantilever Arm Slotted

P2663T Single Cantilever Arm Slotted


P2663T Single Cantilever Arm Slotted

P2663T Single Cantilever Arm Slotted is manufactured from 41mm x 41mm Channel Profile (heavy gauge(1)).

Cantilever arms are rigid structural fittings made from steel that extend horizontally, and when anchored to a wall or surface, provide support to objects and infrastructure. Therefore, they are ideal for supporting HVAC units or cable trays.  Cantilever arms offer a quick and easy method of support and sometimes storage.

Cantilevers provide a clear space underneath a beam without any supporting columns or bracing.

2 x 14mm holes in backplate along with drainage hole.

                                                                                                                                                                            Standard Sizes:-

Cantilever Arms can also be manufactured to any length required.

Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009

Network Cable & Pipe Supports’ cantilever arms are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2015).

Next Day Delivery – UK Mainland.

Unistrut P2663T 450mm Slotted Cantilever Arm

(1)  Heavy-gauge steel is steel that is thicker than steel of lighter gauges. Thick steel is more durable than thin steel. If the pot is made of heavy-gauge steel, that is a sign of quality when you want a pot that will last a long time.