Pipe Saddles

Pipe Saddles sometimes referred to as pipe clips or pipe clamps are simple fittings used in many installation settings and are ideal for fixing pipe or cable to a wall. They are one of the many types of channel support systems found in plumbing, heating, drainage and electrical work.

A pipe saddle is a structure consisting of a saddle and integral base that is used to support the pipe by transmitting the load or forces to the adjacent structure.

These pipe saddles are designed to anchor, or grip, pipe tightly. They are used to grip pipe in all directions by having the inside height of the clamp less than the inside diameter, so it sits proud on top of the pipe. Then as the bolts are tightened, the clamp slightly bends around the pipe.

Sizes available, range from 20mm to 200mm.

Zinc Plated Finish to BS 7371-1:2009.

Zinc plating (also known as electro-galvanising) is a process where zinc is applied by using a current of electricity. While it does provide some rust protection, its thinner coating is not as rust resistant as hot-dip galvanising. … Electro-galvanising is another term for zinc plating.

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