U Bolts

U Bolts are curved bolts that feature threads on each end.  U Bolts act as the simplest but also the most widely used pipe guiding restraint.

As the bolts are curved, they fit nicely around pipes or tubing, meaning that U Bolts can secure piping or tubes to support and work as a restraint.

A Jack of all trades in construction, these can have a wide range of applications and can be lifesavers when it comes to piping solutions.

U-bolts can work as a tube or pipe restraint, meaning that they keep piping from moving, banging into other structures, and wearing down.

However, restraining pipes is about more than pinning them down, in some cases, simply holding down piping can lead to corrosion at the point where pressure is most focused.

The U-Bolt when used as a guide instead, can control movement without pressing vibrations into a concentrated point, meaning pipes can move axially, or through the pipe restraining and will not bounce.

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Showing all 2 results